Bridgerland Water

Bridgerland Water Company

Serving Bridgerland Village development in Garden City, Utah.


We are on track to connect to Garden City for this summer.  The construction will affect those in G mostly, but we will give frequent updates by email. 

This project will include adding two new pump stations (one at the bottom of Cedar Ridge drive in plat G and one in Platt D on Lakeview Drive), a telemetry system and a replacement of a pump station to the south of Bridgerland development.  We will physically connect to Garden City at the bottom of Cedar Ridge drive across the road from the run-a-way ramp on US 89.  

Exact dates will be emailed as we know and posted on this website.

This Project is being funded by the State of Utah DWRSF for the amount of $1,350,000.

5/6/2024 Update

As of May 2, 2024  BLW has received an update to the schedule and work being done this season.

There is about 2 months of work left to do.  The Construction company will start soon.  They still have to dig in the Electrical power in all locations, which over the winter we got the plan and design to connect to Rocky Mountain Power.  We also need to finish up the final touches (electrical and plumbing)  of the pump houses.  After all that is complete the contractor will finish all the roads that have been affected. 

Thank you for your patience.

Mission Statement

Family owned since its begining – We are dedicated to bringing you safe and clean water.

General Information

Water Fees and Billing Info

First 6,000 Gallon (included in Base Rates) $94.00 per month

          Tier 1 (0 to 6,000 gals) $0.00

          Tier 2 (6,001 to 12,000 gals) $5.50/ Usage per 1,000 gallons

          Tier 3 (12,001 to 18,000 gals) $11.00/ Usage per 1,000 gallons

          Tier 4 (18,001 to 24,000 gals) $16.50/ Usage per 1,000 gallons

          Tier 5 (>24,000 gals) $25.00/ Usage per 1,000 gallons

Temporarily unmetered lots $94.00 per month

Standby Fees *$29.00 per month

Disconnect Fees $120.00 per occurrence

Re-Connect Fees $120.00 per occurrence

First time service connection

          3/4″ – Line meter connection fee $4,700.00

          1″ – Line meter connection fee $5,000.00

Interest rate on bills past due by 30 days or more 18% per annum (1.5% per month)

Filing Lien $150.00 each

Releasing Lien $150.00 each

Fee for unwarranted service **  Actual cost

Hooks ups are only available from May 1st to October 1st. Contact us for scheduling.

Important Note: Bridgerland water is designated as culinary use only. Outside watering is prohibited and strictly against the restricitve codes and covenants.


Phone: 801-675-6651

Billing Address: 2637 N Washington Blvd., box 101 North Ogden, Utah 84414